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Whisk(e)y Blind Tasting Quiz in DVA DVE

Join us in DVA DVE for a blind whisk(e)y tasting quiz featuring whiskies from across the globe. We will embark on a journey to discover history, geography and the taste of all sorts of whisk(e)y.


Though life is better with a glass of whisk(e)y, you don´t need to be an expert to join us. All are welcome and make sure, to invite your friends, they might enjoy it too!

Oh, and by the way the event will be held in English!
Entry fee is 12,- € per person or per team (max 4 people)
price includes a set of 5 whiskies and a chance to win the grand prize.

Quiz Master: Rišo Rovinsky, Whisky Master: Martin Jakub


To book please send us an email to